Storage Tips

Document Storage Overview

Anyone who needs to store documents, whether a business or an individual, should take special care in where and how they save this data. Documents require special care when they are placed into storage. Special precautions should also be taken to avoid even small amounts of moisture as this also can destroy documents. A little humidity may be enough to cause documents to mildew when they are not stored properly.

A self storage unit may be the answer for those who would like to remove document clutter from their workplace or home, but who also want greater personal control at a lower price.

Self storage facilities allow you to remove documents from your business or household.  This can free up valuable space in your home or office.   Those planning to store documents should look for more than just a room that protects goods from wind and weather.

  • Look for a self storage unit with adequate security features. Consider features like lighting, cameras, fencing, etc.
  • Find a facility that offers climate control features like temperature control.
  •  Ask the facility if it utilizes a professional pest control service.
  • Be sure the unit access hours are sufficient for your purpose. 
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